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La-Guardia Airport; Wednesday, March 21st 2001.

The trip to the south-west.

First day: late!

I arrived on time to my uncle, took a taxi just a little too late, and had the extreme luck of two accidents on the way... I ended up going in the airport at exactly the time the plane left - exactly on time! (BTW, just to wait 45 minutes on the runway...)

I was so depressed I thought all I can do is call them and tell them to have fun, and get back to Ithaca - I didn't know re-scheduling a ticket was easy. This story had a happy ending - I just got to San-Diego 7 hours late, and all we lost was one day in Las-Vegas, which everyone (besides me) agreed was a good thing.

This is waiting at the gate to "Charlotte", which I had no idea where that is... (Too stressed to see that "NC", in Charlotte I just asked someone what state it was.)

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