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Ithaca; Monday, December 16th 2002. [++]

This was a nice thing to discover - viewing 1922 on the laptop LCD, a sweater on it, and shooting the result. This is the contents of the email I sent, which Noemie awarded it with a "best email" label.

Subject: Novel techniques in Photography

Due to the flood of on-line and off-line harassments, we encounter a wealth of `nijusim' from external sources. This recent development has led to frustration overload and need for serious wife/husband talks, under varying conditions such as all lights-off. Unrelated technical problems with current laptop-bios firmwares have resulted in the inability of closing the laptop lid, which violated the environmental requirement for the above mentioned talks. An ad-hoc local solution that has proven sufficiently robust under these conditions is covering the LCD with a sweater, dimming the radiating light to low levels. Out of this construction, a new visual emerges: one that is quite pleasing in its visual form and artistic expression. This is, for all practical concerns, a reflection of modern society in a single-picture micro-cosmos: in this information age, are we ready to face information-oriented criticism made by information-oriented tools? Can we handle the personality crisis that face us all when we delve into the world of human-software-research interactions?

In the following picture, we try to answer these questions, and more. We have investigated existing features provided by our new photographic equipment and made genuine progress towards better understanding of these tools. This is a major contribution to the bit space which forms the body of our picture collection.

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